Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Archives of the Sweden Finns

  The Archives of the Sweden Finns   The task of The Archives of the Sweden Finns is to collect and to retain documents and records related to the history and life Finns in Sweden. The Archives also supports the Sweden Finnish culture, research and education. Some of the material of the Archives, like photographs and life stories, can also be studied in the homepage(www.arkisto.org) The Archives was founded in 1977 and the members for the Archives are Sweden Finns organisations and companies in Sweden. Also individuals can be members through a network. The Archives of the Finnish Minority in Sweden cooperates with The Swedish National Archives (Riksarkivet) and with the City Archives of Eskilstuna (Eskilstuna stadsarkiv). Eskilstuna is one of the main cities, in which a large proportion of the population has its roots in Finland. Today material concerning the Finns of Sweden can be found especially in the City Archives of Eskilstuna which also is a member of the Archives of The Finnish Minority in Sweden. Photographs, drawings, records, annual reports, posters and recordings are recorded in the City Archives of Eskilstuna. A record of The Finnish Association in Stockholm (Fi.Tukholman Suomalainen Seura) from the year 1894 is the oldest document of the archives. The number of Finns who live in Sweden is estimated at 675.000 if Sweden’s three generations are included. 175.000 of these are born in Finland. These are the persons who moved to Sweden especially during the peak years of the great migration in the 1960s and 1970s. They worked predominantly in blue-collar jobs for their entire lives, and their families settled in Sweden. Their offspring is called the second and third generation of Sweden Finns in recent statistical sources. The children of the first generation Finns belong to the second generation and the third generation consists of the grandchildren of the first generation. These generations are making up 7.3 per cent of the whole population in Sweden. According to Statistics centrum in Sweden has about 9 million inhabitants and approximately 12 % (1.1 million) are immigrants or children of immigrants living in Sweden, more than half of which are from the neighbouring Nordic countries. In the Swedish society a diglossic situation exists between Swedish and Finnish, where Swedish is the language of higher status. This means that especially those generations which have grown up in Sweden are bilingual in Finnish and Swedish, but most of these people know the Swedish language much better than the Finnish language. The identity of Sweden Finns is therefore very heterogeneous. The diglossic situation additionally increases the number of borrowed linguistic elements from Swedish to Sweden Finnish. The Sweden Finns consist of many generations and they are the biggest national minority in Sweden nowadays. The Archives of The Finnish Minority in Sweden therefore has many different tasks to fulfil. ‐ It collects and records documents which are related to the history and the cultural and social life of the Sweden Finns. ‐ It serves as a Multimedia Archives. Pictures, papers and publications have been stored in the database. ‐ The Archives has its own home page, through which the photographs and documents of the archives can be examined. ‐ The Archives promotes Sweden Finnish culture, education and research and organises seminars. ‐ The Archives publishes and sells books in cooperation with its members. ‐ The Archives arranges exhibitions in Finnish and Swedish. ‐ It is working as an Information Center focusing on minority questions and the revitalization of the Finnish language and culture among the second and third generations. The Archives of the Sweden Finns has 20 members at the moment. The members pay a small membership fee every year. In addition, the Archives receives some economic support from the states of Sweden and Finland. The Office of the archives of the Sweden is situated in Eskiltuna.   Arkivhuset i Eskilstuna C/O Sverigefinländarnas arkiv Kriebensgatan 4 BOX 17 63102 Eskilstuna Puh: 08-55801489

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